Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday: Short run

So, I broke down and bought the "pro" version of RunKeeper app for my iPhone...gives audio cues to mileage or time...helps since I go out and come back don't do a circle.

Did 3.2 mi @ 5.9 mph...same songs....

Tomorrow am off to AZ for Gram's funeral so won't bother with the weight training but am taking my running toggs and plan to run on same schedule (Thur: 4 mi and Sunday 6.5 mi).

Probably won't have access to computer for a bit...thanks for keeping up.

btw: the new shoes are the bomb! My legs are so much better.


  1. oh my!
    I was not aware you starting blogging until you showed up today and left a comment. Welcome to the world of blogging. I started it in2006, more from curiosity. 3 years later, it is a big part of my life, with over 250,000 visitors! Who knew? I hope you have a good time here. It is a good hobby.

    May I send folks your way?

  2. may be it's not shoes and you are getting better at it.