Sunday, September 6, 2009

So, I'm not very good at this blogging thing...
In order:
Friday (9/4): I went into Chicago to see my friend Satish and went to a running store, Fleet Feet. They have folks there who watch you run and help you select a good shoe. I have flat feet so overpronate, no surprise there. Of the three shoes I tried, the Mizuno was the most comfortable (more on that later). I don't like a lot of crap all over the shoe (prefer basic black) but they all look like they stepped out of the Ginza, so, when in the Ginza... Also bought a some sweat wicking socks, and running shorts, and thru the mail a new supporter. My friend Satish bought me a technical shirt for good luck (thanks, my friend) also at Fleet Feet...As my friends know, if I spend cold, hard cash (or the plastic equivalent) that means I'm serious.

Before I went to Chicago, I ended up going to the gym for my weight workout and am glad I did. My knees actually felt better after than before...who knew "work it out" wasn't a lot of high school coach bull-crap?

Saturday (9/5): My beloved Gram, Lillian Blanche Krodel Laudone, 95 (would have been 96 in October this year) died. Now you are with Gramps, my Gram. God bless you!
Lest you think me uncaring or hard-hearted for blogging in my mourning, we'd been expecting this for several weeks since she broke her hip and declined quite quickly. She also had the Alzheimer's and had lost the will to live since my Gramps died almost 16 years ago. She was a WONDERFUL grandmother and most of my good memories of childhood include her. She's the only person who ever gave me unconditional love and that is something everyone should experience. Thank you Gram! I love you.

Sunday (9/6): (Note to self: Do NOT pray the Rosary on your knees before you go running.)

Did my long run today: 6.32 miles @ 6.01 mph. Now that is only a little faster than last week (I'm not going for speed I'm going for the distance) and I was wondering if it was because today I had a playlist of music that was intentionally fast beat music vs. the audio book I listened to last week (Kill the Messenger by Tami Hoag). Or, was it the new shoes? Or a combo? Idk...
So, running with the new gear...everything but the hat was new...and I felt like a runner (there's a reason the military wears uniforms). The shoes did feel good, I was getting a blister on the little toe and had NO rubbing today. The guy at Fleet Feet said that the shoes, because they were more supportive, would feel different. They did, but in a good way...the inside of my knees felt it.
I also have an inversion rack (bought for a heartless POS -- "paging 'bitter' party of one!") and have been using that a few minutes after each run to help, I hope, counter act the compression of running. I also do crunches while hanging, including side crunch.

Speaking of sides...does anyone know anything about how to prevent side-stitches? That wonderful book, Running Injury-free is completely mute on the subject. When I feel it coming on (and it only seems to be on the right side) if I tense my abs the discomfort abates but, alas, it makes breathing considerably more difficult. Another case of the remedy is worse than the disease. Any thoughts on the subject are welcome!

So, have been icing my knees and they are now completely numb...not what I was going for...until later my blogging friends...


  1. Safe travel to Phoenix and back and my condolences.

  2. Hey!! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm glad to see another 40 something attempting a Marathon, even better that you say you are not a runner...I don't feel so insane when I read about others who like me, just figure...hmmm...time to run a Marathon. I've been in physio for a couple weeks, and each time my physio therapist says 'how many marathons have your run before?', I'm not sure if she's forgetful or just taking pleasure in pointing out that I'm injured as a result of my decision. As for the side pain, you know, when I was in University (a mere billion years ago) I got those all the time when trying to run with friends. Now, I've not gotten them once and I always wondered why. If I come across anything helpful regarding that (I read a lot online) I'll hollar at 'ya.

  3. David today told me of your Gran. I am sorry to hear such news.
    I am glad though we may be seeing you soon?