Friday, September 18, 2009

Back into a Schedule

Okay, so I'm not good at keeping this blog thing up, however, I'm better at keeping up with my training.

Tuesday: my short run went up to 4 mi. Used the new Run Keeper which must be more accurate than the free version or I was just mis reading it. Anyway, my pace OVERALL is, ah, a lot slower than I had figured (my math skills might have played a part, too). So, I have some room to improve. yeah. Run Keeper has a facility to post and compile run results on a web page.
Wednesday: did the weight workout.

Thursday: went into the office so didn't do my run in the morning as usual so I went after work. It was a lot cooler but I don't like going in the evening...tired and running in the twilight is not as fun. But, one adapts. So, did my middle run of 5.6 miles. Felt good.

Side Stitches: I don't know if my body just got used to the new running but I've started side-stretches BEFORE running (I usually do it as part of the after-run stretch) and I haven't had side stitches since.

Eating While Running: A guy in my office has run three marathons (I know!) and regularly runs 1/2 marathons. He suggests "gel-packs" later in the run...thoughts? He also mentioned the 18 mile wall...anyone also experience that?

Weight: So, I'm down to 183 from 203 (when FPS left in June) but my new goal (it was 180) is 175... I've been reading where 165 is heavy for a runner, but I think that is too low for me to be healthy. But I don't want to have all that weight beating down on my knees and ankles and hips.

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  1. Personally, I can't imagine anything worse than running a marathon, but my oldest son is crazy like you and he runs a 5.5 km track (just a circuit of the streets around here) at least 4 or 5 times a week. I went in to get his laundry and noticed that he has a huge chart on his wall, with the times for each run written in the appropriate box for each day.

    He's a numbers guy and that's how he stays motivated. I guess the blog will do the same thing for you. Good luck!