Thursday, September 10, 2009

Training in Phoenix

So I went out early to do my medium run (4.68 mi) at 6 it was already 82 degrees. It wasn't bad. It is dry heat. Ha. Ha. The smog would give me cancer if I lived here. It was neat to run about my Gram's neighbourhood. The new Run Keeper Pro app is VERY nice with audio cues and integrated iPod. The warmup is integrated into the total workout pace and I don't like that and even though the work ends it keeps recording so have to stop at that point because that warm down is also recorded.

Brother, being the original wit that he is, calls me Forest Gump. Since he couldn't run block and only then if someone had a gun to his head, I just laugh. I'm going to SPO and Someone today I think. The a/c in my Gram's house died spectacularly and it was a hot night but not in the good way. The A/C repair guy is here. Praise be!

Didn't workout at all yesterday.

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