Friday, April 30, 2010


So, I was taking a look back on my blog...I'm impressed with myself as I now regularly run 10 miles at a go and it used to be a goal to go 4. My weight is under 175 consistently.
Another marathon????
Well, I think I may have to run in the Quad Cities marathon in September to beat my time. I haven't committed to it (my only commitment to myself now is to do 30 miles a week/3 days) but I think I can do it. The past two 10 mile runs have been in the low 9's per/mile. And this past month (April) I did 111 miles. I found a few training routines online about how to improve long-distance running speeds.
Shoes retired: My first set of running shoes, with 611 miles on them, were retired. Not because of mileage but the heels were so worn down they were causing my gait to be off and hurting. I found the same brand/model online, the Mizuno Wave 5. Of course, Mizuno is discontinuing the model so I bought 2 pairs (for about the same price as the one!!). So, I'm good for a bit, I think.
The BESTEST thing about running is...
Yes, running helps with stress/sorrow/other bad feelings (it really does!), and keeps one fit (I look MAAH-VELOUS!), and I don't think I'd be in the same good mental shape that I'm in now if I hadn't found running (I'm guessing that is the runner's high??). All good shtuff Maynard, but none are the bestest parts of running. Nope. Because of it, I can EAT ANY FRIGGIN' THING I WANT WHEN I WANT. There, I said it. I love food. I love to eat (I used to love to have indiscriminate sex but any more, you F' the wrong person and your arm falls off. OH! And it just had manicure, too!). So, now I can eat like a fiel'-hand and gobble like a hog (cheers David and Scott) and not give a tinker's damn!! Yeah, me!

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