Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Completed my first marathon!! 4:22:20.3

So, I finished my first full marathon in 7 mins. faster than I'd planned (4:30) was a GREAT experience.

Gun Time  Actual Time  PACE  OVERALL  GENDER  AGE 
4:26:07.1   4:22:20.3  10:01   267  202   36 

Finishers: 416, Males - 281 , Females - 135
Male Winner: 2:39:30 | Female Winner: 3:16:25
Average Finish Time: 4:11:22 |

My best friends, Iva and Kevin were with me the entire way and Iva took some great pix, some of of which I'll post here and on Facebook. So, I did it...I'm down to 170-175 weight range, size 32 waist and feeling great!
I haven't decided if I'll do another one...I'd like to get under 4:00:00, maybe. My friend Ron found a stat that the average time for men for a marathon is 4:32:08 and the average age of 40.5, so I'm counting this as good even if I don't do another; I also came in only 1:47 behind the guy who came in first, and he's 19 yrs younger...
Next test? I'm thinking about a triathlon ... the challenge, unlike the marathon which was that I didn't run, is that I don't know how to swim. But now, I think maybe I can learn...

Again, thanks to all of you and your support, which was most needed and helpful!

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